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Catherine Maxwell, FounderAlthough the valuable members of our team who contributed to the NotifyBoss initiative are located around the world, our founder and CEO, Catherine Maxwell, is located in Toronto, Canada.

Catherine has been involved in IT and web projects for the past 25 years though Maxmedia Group – a web design and development agency specializing in ecommerce web design. When COVID-19 hit, Catherine was asked if she could develop a health tracking system for the complex business interactions that are standard for construction companies.

Once development of NotifyBoss was underway, it was apparent that all businesses have their own brand of complexity. If it’s a restaurant, they need to monitor the health of their patrons, employees, delivery people, and temporary help. If it’s a warehouse, they have employees, delivery people, packers, and multiple layers of management. The same for medical professionals and patients, university professors and students, and coaches with their sports teams.

They all needed a way to gain control over their environment and trace the source of an infection with the greatest accuracy and speed possible.

Kashif Mahmood GhaznaviTeamwork makes the dream work

Initiatives like this don’t happen in isolation, and the person who helped Catherine bring this software to market is affectionately nicknamed Sunny (otherwise known as Kashif Mahmood Ghaznavi)

Heading up the technology team, Sunny was able to attract the very best talent to this project – those who were passionate about how NotifyBoss could be a game-changer on the global stage for businesses during this pandemic. He is also able to supply the best support for the software possible.

All of the developers and designers have a mission –  that NotifyBoss makes a positive difference.

Expanding NotifyBoss

Because of the high need for accountability and contact-tracing within different market sectors of the economy, the product roadmap for NotifyBoss naturally expands into the following:

  • NotifyProf – for schools and universities
  • NotifyDoc – for medical professionals
  • NotifyChef – for restaurants
  • NotifyCoach – for sports teams

What happens after the pandemic?

Depending on who you talk to or what you read in the news, the pandemic looks like it’s here to stay for a while. If anything has proven to us that the unthinkable can happen – it’s that we are in this situation in the first place. However, as much as vaccines are hopefully a solution to the problem, we’re also dealing with those that refuse the vaccine, and how a vaccine will handle the different variants of this disease. In the meantime, NotifyBoss offers that additional layer of comfort, safety and trust that employers could all use right now.

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